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Writing for TEXAAN

TEXAAN encourages all members to contribute to academic advising by writing articles featuring research, theory, and practice. 

TEXAAN encourages the submission of (but not limited to):

  • Best Practices in Academic Advising
  • Reflections on Problems in Academic Advising
  • Academic Advising Theory
  • Development of the Advising Profession
  • Opinions on Academic Advising
  • Professional Development Opportunities

    Tips for Pieces

    • Generally use third person perspective, though first person can be used when needed (i.e. in opinion pieces).
    • Avoid passive voice.
    • Ask for help, let colleagues review your piece.
    • Collaborate with colleagues with similar interests.

    General Guidelines

    Articles should be authored by the member submitting them and should not have been previously published by other publications. Previously published pieces might be considered in unique cases where copyright is not an issue. Publication preference is provided to current members of TEXAAN. 

      Submitting an Article

        • Article should be submitted as a Microsoft Word (*.docx) document to the TEXAAN VP for Publications at
        • Article should be submitted 12 pt, Times New Roman font.
        • Length maximum: 1000 words (not including title or reference citations)
        • Style and Citations: APA (general speaking)
        • Any tables, charts, or images should be submitted separately, attached to the email submission.

        • Please provide the following information for each author:
          • Author name
          • Author position title
          • Department/College
          • Institution
          • Email address
          • Author photo
        Additional Resource: If you are interested in writing for our organization, please visit NACADA’s website for helpful writing tools. Note that while many sources are specific to writing for NACADA, they are helpful for formatting and the overall construction of literary work.


         Deadline to Submission  Published Date
         TBD  TBD

        Submissions are selected and reviewed by the TEXAAN Vice President of Marketing and Communications. For questions, please contact at

        Copyright Notice

        If published with TEXAAN, the author will retain the copyright to their work . TEXAAN will be granted an irrevocable, nonexclusive, and royalty-free right to publish the article in any format, including electronic and print media. TEXAAN has the right to reproduce, distribute, display, and transmit the article, or any part, through any medium existing or may be developed in the future.

        By submitting an article for publication, the author agrees it is an original article and does not infringe on copyright of others. Any action against the author on claims of alleged copyright infringement is the responsibility of the author, TEXAAN will be held harmless against such claims.

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