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TEXAAN is committed to providing flexible access to new ideas, perspectives, and growth.

Schedules are busy, and finding the right professional development in your area to match your specific needs, goal, and schedule can often be a challenge. One of the most convenient elements of online professional development is the ability to connect to your learning just about whenever and wherever you may be.

Better yet, no travel required!

What are TEXAAN webinars about?

TEXAAN webinars are online events focused on topics of importance to academic advisors and advising administrators across the state.  TEXAAN members have the opportunity to present on a topic of interest and/or submit information or requests on subjects they wish to discuss.

Web Events are available to all members free of charge and $15 to Non-members. For more information please contact

  • All Web Events are about 60 minutes in length
  • All Web Events are recorded and will be posted online

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