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Pillars of TEXAAN 

The TEXAAN Executive Board endorses four pillars that champion the initiatives of our association.

The four “Pillars” of TEXAAN are:

  • Professional Development: TEXAAN shall provide multiple outlets (e.g., professional reading, workshops, conferences, etc.) wherein advisors can increase their capabilities and improve their skills
  • Networking: TEXAAN will provide platforms for advisors to meet other advisors from various institutions through an online platform, the annual conference, drive-ins, and much more. 
  • Recognition: TEXAAN seeks to recognize the work and impact of advising on student retention and success.  TEXAAN recognizes its advisors through membership highlights which occur quarterly, and through awards given at our annual conference.
  • Dissemination of Information: TEXAAN will serve as a connection point for all advising organizations and will provide information about local events, conferences, webinars and more across the state.

These set of guiding principles affirm the professional association’s mission and goals, while at the same time, anticipate the needs of 21st century academic advisors.

TEXAAN serves as a professional representation of academic advising in Texas by providing professional development, networking, recognition, and dissemination of information. Our goals are to (1) establish a communication network for academic advisors at institutions of higher education in Texas, (2) assist with the implementation of professional standards as defined by NACADA core values of Academic Advising, (3) serve as the liaison for Texas professional, governing, and education agencies, (4) maintain active affiliation with NACADA both regionally and nationally, and (5) offer an annual conference for Texas academic advisors, counselors, and higher education professionals. 



Mailing Address:

2400 McCullough Ave, #15882

San Antonio, TX 78212


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