TEXAAN Elections

How is voting done for TEXAAN elections?

Where can members find a list of candidates?

Where can members read about the roles and responsibilities of leadership positions?

We have several elected positions available! 

Nominations open until January 17th.  Voting will take place between January 20th - January 24th. Elected officers will assume the position beginning February 29, 2019 - February 2021. 

Below are the elected positions available for this upcoming year: 

    • President (Current E-board member only)
    • President - Elect 
    • Vice President of Membership 
    • Vice President of Publications 
    • Treasurer
    • Region Chairs (North, South, East, West)
    • Region Chair Elect (North, Central, South, Southeast, East, West)

Click the link to complete the application.

Interested in running for an officer position? Before you apply, consider the following things:

    • Read the constitution for officer duties and responsibilities
    • Have a conversation with your direct supervisor for support
    • Consider why you would be a good fit for the position
    • Prepare yourself for the time commitment
If you have any questions about running for an officer position, please email texaan@texxan.org or email the Executive Board member that currently serves in the position you are hoping to be elected for. 

About us

TEXAAN serves as a professional representation of academic advising in Texas by providing professional development, networking, recognition, and dissemination of information. Our goals are to (1) establish a communication network for academic advisors at institutions of higher education in Texas, (2) assist with the implementation of professional standards as defined by NACADA core values of Academic Advising, (3) serve as the liaison for Texas professional, governing, and education agencies, (4) maintain active affiliation with NACADA both regionally and nationally, and (5) offer an annual conference for Texas academic advisors, counselors, and higher education professionals.

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