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Patrice Buckner Jackson, EdD

Dr. Patrice Buckner Jackson, known in her community as Dr. PBJ, is an educator of over 20 years and an Executive Coach for more than 10 years. She holds a doctoral degree in Education Administration and facilitates leadership training as a faculty member for the Center for Creative Leadership. Dr. Jackson has worked in higher education at the highest levels and is the recipient of several professional awards and accolades.  

Dr. Jackson says “I am grateful for my journey, but achieving my professional goals almost cost me everything”.

In August 2019, burnout caused Dr. Jackson to walk away from an executive position that she had worked 20 years to obtain. From that day on, she worked to understand what led her to rock bottom burnout and discovered a path for climbing out of it. Today, she empowers others to live free of burnout, overwhelm, and compassion fatigue.

Dr. Jackson founded EduCare Training and Consulting, LLC to equip and support "heart-workers" who do their work from a place of passion. Working in this way can carry a high price tag. Your mind, body, spirit, and relationships may be in distress as you serve the needs of others. Dr. Jackson leads her community to serve well without paying an ultimate price.

Currently, Dr. Jackson serves as creator and host of the Heart Work with PBJ podcast as well the founder and facilitator of the Heart Work Academy.

Dr. Jackson says, “Passion almost killed me, but purpose set me free! I am here to disrupt burnout so other heart workers can serve in freedom.”

Follow Dr. PBJ on Instagram @drpatricebucknerjackson for #aspoonfulofpbj every Monday to encourage your soul, and subscribe to the podcast for a new episode every Wednesday.

In addition to the keynote address, Dr. Jackson will also lead a session on "3 Steps to Disrupt Burnout” at the Mid-Level Management Institute.

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