Jason Barkemeyer

University of Houston - Clear Lake 

The emergence of academic advising as a profession is essential to the charge that TEXAAN has from all its members. TEXAAN must continue to serve its members by remembering its four pillars; Professional Development; Networking. Recognition, and Information. In such an extraordinary circumstance as electing a member directly to the Office of President, it is incumbent on the new President to allow the future of TEXAAN to move forward.

My goals as President will be simple:

    • Focus on the fact that TEXAAN is by the advisors, for the advisors. Cultivating engagement in the organization and engagement with fellow academic advisors.
    • Recognize our past leadership and how they have made their mark on TEXAAN as an organization.
    • Support the professionalization of Academic Advising through professional development support and research.
    • Allow the incoming President Elect to implement their vision in a more expedient manner, supporting the direction they wish to go so they can have an effective 2nd year in their presidency, rolling out initiatives from the beginning.
    • Support the conference committee planners for TEXAAN 2021 to ensure that the Annual Conference in 2021 is an excellent source of professional development for TEXAAN members.
    • Support the Executive Board as members of the organization, allowing them to engage as they can with the Executive Board while maintaining quality performance in their professional position.
    • After a tremendous year of change, shore up the organization's footing and foundation in order to move forward with a strong base.
    • Ensure that partnership with the Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board is transparent, and continues to positively enhance the training and development of Academic Advisors in the State of Texas.

Build foundations. Build relationships. Honor our past. Look forward to the future.

Vice President of Membership

 Demetrial Graham 

   Lamar University  

Joining TEXAAN gave me the opportunity to connect with other high education across the Texas. Over the last two years, I have learned a great deal from the people that I have meet and I still find the materials that were shared at the conferences and drive-ins useful. I order to become better we have to support each other and continue to learn from one another. My goals:

1. Work with the other board members, especially the vice president of publications, and try to provide outreach to current members and try to capture new members. It is important that TEXAAN continues to grow and thrive.   

2. Making sure that everyone is aware of the membership status before it expires

3. Working with Regional Chairs to create and share a list serve for members to take advantage of opportunities across the state. 

Vice President of Membership

Cynthia Longoria 

Texas A&M University - Kingsville 

I have been an Academic Advisor for over 7 years and nothing beats having someone to turn to when you need support. i truly believe TEXAAN can be that special someone in your professional growth and development.  I am excited about TEXAAN and all the many benefits of this amazing organization. I want to reach out to as many Academic Advisors as I can to let them know they are not alone and we can support each other through our professional development endeavors while we learn more about how to  support our students. Over the past few years I have spoken with many advisors in Texas who have not heard of TEXAAN and what we do. I think now is our time to build our TEXAAN network. 

Vice President of Membership

Kwon Bill 

Texas State University

I love my job as an advisor but more importantly, I love working with my students. I had the opportunity to go to TEXAAN last year. I was inspired by all the presentations and the people who put the conference together. When I went to the conference the first time it was more of a "soak it all in" moment. I've been an advisor going on two years now and now I feel it's time for me to step up. My goal is to always become an expert at my position, I feel that a position like this will help with achieving this goal. I’ve always been interested in survey work and possibly recruitment. From reading the constitution, the role of "Vice President of Membership" will allow me to gain more knowledge in those areas. This is a role that I know won't be easy but if you know anything about me I love to take on new challenges. 

Vice President of Publications

    Dr. Margaret Hennessey 

  Texas A&M University - Kingsville 

I am thrilled to have the opportunity to run for the Vice President of Publications. I believe my unique blend of professional and personal experience and skills has prepared me to be an ideal candidate for this position, as well as an asset to the TEXAAN team.

In addition to my advising experience and academic success, I offer an extensive background in program development in planning, developing and designing programs, workshops and special events aimed to promote human rights, business ethics and academic/athletic excellence. I also have extensive experience in research, writing, editing and production of publications and marketing material.

I have enjoyed working in a higher education setting and have a true understanding of providing comprehensive service to students in their academic journey from application to graduation. It would be such a pleasure to work for TEXAAN to help promote excellence in advising though the written word. 


Christopher Hubbard 

University of North Texas 

If elected as Treasurer, I promise to uphold the integrity of the position by adhering to the current policies and procedures in place for the role and exercising the technical and budgetary skills needed to manage the financial assets of the organization effectively. Additionally, I possess over six years of professional work experience in the finance and banking industries, which I believe will aid me in performing the job as Treasurer in an efficient way.

East Region 

           William Massey  

          Kilgore College 

I want to continue to rebuild the lines of communication through the East Region, which will include growing the membership throughout the region. 

North Region 

        Virnin Bonner 

        University of North Texas 

I have several goals for the position and would love to continue as Regional Chair so that I can accomplish them. Some of these goals are:

Increase the North’s involvement within TEXAAN by:

    • Hosting webinars
    • With topics picked specifically by hosts 
    • With topics requested from Regional (or TEXAAN) members
    • Hosing social events
    • Focused around networking, career advancement conversations, sharing hobbies and interests outside of higher education

Ensure the Regions voice is heard by:

    • Constant communication with TEXAAN about North concerns, highlights, and anything in-between
    • Open communication line for all North members
    • Utilizing my professional development time to work specifically on North/TEXAAN tasks to include but not limited to conference duties, webinar/event planning, etc.

I apologize, but I must stay within the character limit; if you would like to discuss any of my goals, please email me (Virnin@unt.edu) and I'd be happy to elaborate.

About us

TEXAAN serves as a professional representation of academic advising in Texas by providing professional development, networking, recognition, and dissemination of information. Our goals are to (1) establish a communication network for academic advisors at institutions of higher education in Texas, (2) assist with the implementation of professional standards as defined by NACADA core values of Academic Advising, (3) serve as the liaison for Texas professional, governing, and education agencies, (4) maintain active affiliation with NACADA both regionally and nationally, and (5) offer an annual conference for Texas academic advisors, counselors, and higher education professionals.

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