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28 Jun 2019 10:03 PM | Anonymous

Members of TEXAAN,

It is with the most honor and pleasure to serve as President-Elect for TEXAAN in 2019-2020. Through this role, I am very excited to share with you the goals, aspirations, and vision, I strive to accomplish throughout the next three years.

This year, my main focus as TEXAAN President-Elect is to greatly enhance all collaboration efforts between Region Chair and Region Chair-Elects. I am planning monthly scheduled meeting times with each Region Chair and Region Chair-Elect to evaluate professional development opportunities offered or not offered for region members. It is also my goal to facilitate conversations with Region leadership to enhance engagement of region members. This can be done by implementing innovative methods to engage region members through social media and professional development opportunities.

I am very excited to begin my journey as a leader for TEXAAN. For the next three years, it is my greatest intention to enhance, promote, and advocate the following:

● Mentorship and support to TEXAAN members

● Opportunity developments

● Member recognition

TEXAAN is a wonderful organization that helped me discover my passion for advising and it is my hope as the future president of TEXAAN for others to feel the same way as I do. I care deeply for the organization and hope to create opportunities that will help advisors ignite their passion for the profession. I hope these opportunities will allow advisors to be become involved in ways that will challenge themselves to be the best advisor they can possibly be.

As my journey as TEXAAN President-Elect begins, I encourage members to reach out to me or any of the members of the TEXAAN Executive Board with any questions, concerns, and suggestions that would be helpful to improve the organization. Thank you all for your support as I begin this incredible opportunity with TEXAAN. I look forward to meeting new faces and helping TEXAAN be the premier advising network of Texas.

Rachel Nemets

TEXAAN President-Elect

Rachel can be reached at

About us

TEXAAN serves as a professional representation of academic advising in Texas by providing professional development, networking, recognition, and dissemination of information. Our goals are to (1) establish a communication network for academic advisors at institutions of higher education in Texas, (2) assist with the implementation of professional standards as defined by NACADA core values of Academic Advising, (3) serve as the liaison for Texas professional, governing, and education agencies, (4) maintain active affiliation with NACADA both regionally and nationally, and (5) offer an annual conference for Texas academic advisors, counselors, and higher education professionals.

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